Monthly Archives: June 2013

Hold on, we have a game changer…

The guy (or guys) over at Weaponsman have a great post about the turn of events in the recent Ricin mailings.  The drive by media jumped all over the “pro gun” nutjob sending Ricin but it turns out that his moonbat acress wife did the whole thing to set him up.  So it wasn’t a freedom loving patriot but an anti-gun moonbat.  Brilliant, just brilliant.  Who didn’t see THIS coming.  Think about the Occupy <fill in the blank> crowd, they are vile creatures with a violent propensity to do nothing useful with their energy.

Read the excellent post here –  This is a new site added to my daily reading feeds.

E. W. Jackson likes Liberty

If elected to the office of Lt. Governor in VA, E.W. Jackson will be a beacon of freedom.  He likes guns and people who own guns.  Watch his speech and enjoy.  We need more people like E.W. Jackson.  I was not shocked to learn that among his many accomplishments he is a Marine.

Semper Fi E.W.