A Precision Guided Firearm Powered by Linux

Linux is a nifty operating system.  Some clever folks have figured out how to make something cool (a rifle) into something really cool (a rifle with a guidance system).

Feast your eyes:  http://techcrunch.com/2013/04/02/a-precision-guided-firearm-powered-by-linux/

I doubt it will take very long for the anti-freedom alliance to begin drafting a law prohibiting the average person from having a shooting system that is accurate and durable.

It’s why they (the gun bigots) hate the modern sporting rifle (accurate and durable).  They hate on the modern sporting rifle by giving it such evil names like Assault Weapon and Military Instrument of Death.  All in the name of sensible and reasonable gun laws (hello gun control).

There is no such thing as reasonable gun control just as there is no such thing as reasonable treason.  Gun control is treason.  There’s no reason in treason.  I just thought that up…

Where was i.  Oh yes.  A precision guided bolt rifle.  I normally reserve my likings to two word catch phrases like “birthday gun” and “breakfast meat.”   Precision guided bolt rifle is a nice addition.  My want is strengthened by the desire of the gun bigots to prevent me from fulfilling my want.