Ammo Shortages: More Than Simple Supply and Demand?

It’s tough to buy ammunition right now.  The feeding frenzy has cleaned many store shelves.  There are many who do not stock ammo (heaven forbid they be accused of hoarding or amassing an arsenal) and now they are buying everything they can find (even for firearms that they do not own).

Bob Adelmann wrote a great article explaining the economic principles (specifically supply chain bottlenecking) while dispelling the myths that ammo is being purchased to enact an economic barrier to purchase.

If you are a regular shooter (or a trainer) and you didn’t stock enough ammo for the next couple of years, then you will either pay a premium (if you can find ammunition at all) or you will not have ammunition to shoot.

This of course makes the moonbats giddy as they understand neither free market economics nor the gun culture.  They just know that gun people are having a difficult time.  The heart and soul of moonbattery is in fact the spread of misery.

This will right itself, it just takes time.