Enforcement of the Brady Act 2010

I stopped by PAFOA.org and found a great post on Enforcement of the Brady Act in 2010.

The moonbats are clamoring about sensible expansions of background checks and how “sensible expanded background checks” will not be a registry.  Yet, there are very minimal prosecutions of those “breaking the law”.  Sounds like a registry to me.

Here’s some data from the report that I lifted from the PAFOA post which comes from the report:

Backgound Checks conducted by the FBI: 6,037,394
Background checks denied: 72,659 1.2%

So we have seventy two thousand denials which would lead a reasonable person to believe that there are seventy two thousand crimes committed.  Of these seventy two thousand denials there were a whopping 62 referred to U.S. Attorneys.  72,000 denials and 62 is the number of prosecutions.

Expanding background checks will preclude even more good people from having guns.  In 2010 72,597 transactions were denied when good people were trying to buy a gun.  If they were other than good people I suspect the prosecutions would by way higher.  Let’s fix the current system, we’re keeping good people from having guns.  Let’s not expand upon something that isn’t working, and by not working I mean violating the Constitution.