Who needs High Cap Magazines?

It’s ironic that the folks (moonbats) who persistently describe themselves as freedom lovers spend the bulk of their time legislating (or supporting legislation through hysteria) our lives into a corner.  The new rally cry of the North American Leftist Moonbat is that “you don’t need THAT many rounds…”  Remember these are the same folks who rallied against SUVs for years because the bumper height didn’t match that of their idea of an average car.  You don’t need THAT SUV, you should cut back a little, don’t drive in the snow, stay home and count the blessings we bestow upon your lives with our gracious invitation to live on our intellectual plantation.

Here’s a chilling video about limited capacity handgun magazines.  The video also demonstrates that an AR-15 with a couple of 30 round magazines would come in REAL handy.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=7F1nPSNnaBo

The chapter in The Moonbat’s Guide To Running the Lives of the Little People that covers Gun Bigotry also talks about hatred for firearms magazines that give “excessive firepower”.

Rule of thumb, when someone comes to kill you and your family to fuel a drug habit, you simply cannot have enough firepower.  The same moonbats who create loopholes for violent predators to walk about call any way you may purchase a gun a loophole.  I know, it’s maddening.  How horrible it must be to have such mental deficiencies that you blame guns and forget about the feral savages…